Matt Blum

Fashion, celebrity, and glamour photographer Matt Blum of
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These are the moments I LOVE my job

"HI Matt,

You don’t know me but we had a couple mutual friends on facebook and through them your work caught my eye. I think you are an INCREDIBLE photographer!
I am sort of scared to message you because I am not sure how you’ll react, but I wanted to tell you that I was so in love with one of your prints that I really wanted to paint it on canvas. It was the black and white print shot of a girl sort of looking over her shoulder with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness placed over her breast. I am so in love with that shot. I haven’t painted ANYTHING for 11 years so I want to thank you because it has totally re-motivated me. I am messaging you just to tell you because I hope you won’t think I was trying to steal your work (I tell everyone that it is just a painting of your original work) and to let you know that I am NOT SELLING IT for any profit. It was made as a gift for someone who lost their mother to cancer. I’ll attach a picture and apologize that it’s such a shitty picture of it :)”

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